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  • Empowerment

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  • Build Resilience


Cheryl Mlcoch, MS, LPC

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Trauma, Suicide Attempt & Loss Survivor, Impacted Family Member

  • Suicide Prevention & Lived Experience Advocate

  • Intuitive Energy Healer   

Welcome! I want you to know that I truly do my best to combine my history of lived experience along with my clinical & holistic background to provide you with a uniquely empowering approach. Everything I have endured so far has led me to this point in my life.

YOUR STORY has value and I believe that regardless of your circumstances, you deserve to live a fulfilling life!

Let's find your path to healing & begin transforming your pain into RESILIENCE! You are capable of more than you can imagine.


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Lived Experience




- Karina L. / 2014 & 2019

I had tried all other avenues of "traditional" therapy for my teenage daughter who suffered from depression/anxiety and relationship struggles. Cheryl was like a breath of fresh air and saw my daughter as a whole person. Using humor, compassion, and when needed - tough love, she guided my daughter to face her issues, take accountability, and help her see her own beauty and strengths within. I highly recommend Cheryl, as I have never met anyone, therapist or otherwise, with such an incredible passion to help heal others.



young adult


I always had a good time with Cheryl- her activities always had me leaving with being more aware of myself. Whether through my body, my thoughts, etc.


Cheryl is amazing at creating environments where people feel welcomed. She is very good at sensing boundaries and not overstepping. She truly cares about everyone, and checked in. She was honest and open at every meeting and story slam. I am so thankful that I can participate in her activities, and know Cheryl. She’s such a wonderful and accepting person.

I highly recommend working with Cheryl Mlcoch. I had the absolute pleasure of partnering up with her for over a year to help prevent suicide through different social events and intimate moments with people. 


I’ve never met someone so dedicated and full of perseverance in my life. She works, works and works for the mission of helping others. Beyond just the time and energy spent on any cause she chooses, she approaches it with true intuition. 


With her self awareness and her lived experience, she is able to penetrate anyone’s barriers and help them get to the other side. She is full of wacky quirks that make her SO unique. I know her heart is full of gold!


My time spent with her has been full of laughter, insight, and purpose. No one matches her true passion for changing the world- it’s truly what she does! I love her with my whole heart and I’m always watching out for what she has next!


Watch out world!

- Diana Maples / 2016

- Erin M. / 2019

I met Cheryl several years ago through a friend’s recommendation, and I’ve been blessed as a result. Through my therapy sessions, she encouraged me to look at what I’d been missing, to challenge that which was not serving me, and to take pride and ownership of those things that do. Cheryl’s authentic passion for my growth and her empathetic approach while doing so leaves no doubt that Cheryl's vision and passion for trauma healing and youth suicide prevention will change lives.

- Brittany H. / 2019

Cheryl is one of the most dedicated and driven people I have ever met. She has a passion for people and stops at nothing to better the lives of those around her. She is one of the most dependable and trustworthy women I have ever met.


I have worked with Cheryl and know her personally. I highly recommend her. She is one of the most caring people I know and has the skill to help almost anyone.

- Mabri Bliss / 2019 & 2020


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