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MTV  Documentary
Each and Every Day 
- stories from youth suicide attempt survivors or who survived a suicidal crisis

I'm so proud of our brave son, Nathan for sharing a part of his journey with others and for our family being able to be a part of it as well.
Mabri is also a very close friend of mine and I am so glad we met so that I could contribute to helping her story be told to a wider audience as well.

Always know that your depression is a SUCCESS because you've allowed yourself to acknowledge your pain/trauma rather than ignoring it. You are transforming your pain into something incredible!
Love you all Wounded Healers!

Each and Every Day showcases the experiences of 9 young adults and the urgency of talking about mental health and getting help.

In partnership with The Jed Foundation, MTV Documentary Films’ Each and Every Day premieres commercial-free on MTV Tuesday, February 16 at 9PM ET/ 6PMPT.

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