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Michael’s Journey

Through much of my life, I struggled with depression and anxiety using many unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with trauma from childhood.  This included heavy drug and alcohol use starting in 5th grade and continuing off and on until recently. 

About seven years ago, depression and anxiety cycles began again as I kept myself in an unhealthy relationship.  Suicidal thoughts began in earnest five years ago and I almost took my life this past Fall.  However, in the depth of one of my depressions I started asking questions regarding life purpose and if I felt a yes response, I would also feel a lifting of the depression vail.  I continued this journey until I was able to gain a full sense of my desire to help others find their path to full well-being and purposeful living.  I felt this strong calling to help others that are struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges. 

Through nature-connected coaching and related group activities, my goal is to empower people to discover their strength, joy, and productivity in life. Along the way, people will increase their self-acceptance and find balance by including fun as a component of their

regular schedule. I am certified in Wilderness Therapy and Transformational Guiding and understand from my past the struggle to live our life purpose with ease and support.  My personal experience allows me to relate to the challenges people face and guide them through their own process to live their authentic life.

Talking with a Tree is a mix of fantasy and reality that is a reflection of my journey. Here is a glimpse of the connection. If you'd like to read more, please visit

If you'd like to read more, please visit

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