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Youth & Adults!

Loneliness is a major epidemic and contributor to the taboo surrounding mental wellness and our suicide crisis.

Let's create more connection to:

  • enhance our quality of life

  • build our sense of belongingness

  • create more community

TOGETHER we can make an impact!

SUICIDE is the leading cause of death among Colorado youth between the ages of 10 and 24, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Teens ages 15-19 in Colorado are almost twice as likely to take their own lives as the

national average

Why Colorado’s suicide rate is so high is not easy to pinpoint. Advocates point to social media pressures, isolation, mental wellness discrimination, bullying, substance abuse, inadequate mental health resources and LGBTQ+ discrimination. 

Lived Experience

Story Slams

for Ages 16 & Up!

LE SS starting April 2021.png

Let's meet IN-PERSON (space is limited)

with our MASKS!

EMAIL ME to be on the list: or click here to message me and

I’ll be in touch. Please share!

Connection - Belonging - Wisdom - Empowerment - Acceptance - Resilience - Saving Lives!!! 


Attention YOUTH & ADULTS Ages 16 & up in the Loveland, CO area!! Join us as we creatively express our lived experience and create more connection and empowerment during this very challenging time. Our mental wellness matters!

Let's also build more bridges between youth & adults.

We will have a THEME for the evening or you can share about any topic pertaining to your mental wellness journey!!! No competition - just creative expression.


(or whatever you feel comfortable sharing about in regards to your mental wellness journey)

We are here to share - build community - feel empowered - create acceptance and build RESILIENCE together!

You will have your chance to 'take the stage' for 30 seconds up to 5 minutes at a time expressing your thoughts/story through poetry, sing/rap, instrument(s), talking, art, dance, etc. Whatever way feels safe to you. Bring your form of expression with you.

Rules will be discussed at the beginning of each event, so be ready to share openly and show respect to one another. During this challenging time in our world, we are here to create a safe space & build one another up!

COST: $15 (exact CASH only) 

Date/Time: Sat. April 10th from 6pm - 8pm and then MONTHLY (2nd Saturday)


Loveland Athletic Club

1000 S Lincoln Avenue

Loveland, Colorado 80537

(Space will be limited / masks required)

EMAIL ME to be on the list: or click here to message me and I’ll be in touch. Please share!

Your HOST is Cheryl Mlcoch, LPC, suicide attempt & loss survivor and impacted family member.

- Cheryl will also include group empowerment exercises.

*Above are some examples of previous events and groups Cheryl has helped create & will continue to do.

Come & express your

story in whatever creative way you feel comfortable with or....just listen!

Youth Testimonials


young adult


I highly recommend working with Cheryl Mlcoch. I had the absolute pleasure of partnering up with her for over a year to help prevent suicide through different social events and intimate moments with people. 


I’ve never met someone so dedicated and full of perseverance in my life. She works, works and works for the mission of helping others. Beyond just the time and energy spent on any cause she chooses, she approaches it with true intuition. 


With her self awareness and her lived experience, she is able to penetrate anyone’s barriers and help them get to the other side. She is full of wacky quirks that make her SO unique. I know her heart is full of gold!


My time spent with her has been full of laughter, insight, and purpose. No one matches her true passion for changing the world- it’s truly what she does! I love her with my whole heart and I’m always watching out for what she has next!


Watch out world!

I always had a good time with Cheryl- her activities always had me leaving with being more aware of myself. Whether through my body, my thoughts, etc.


Cheryl is amazing at creating environments where people feel welcomed. She is very good at sensing boundaries and not overstepping. She truly cares about everyone, and checked in. She was honest and open at every meeting and story slam. I am so thankful that I can participate in her activities, and know Cheryl. She’s such a wonderful and accepting person.

Coming soon...

I am looking forward to what is next....

I am grateful to have worked with so many incredible youth!

FYNN K. - they/them

young adult