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We are family and friends who have been emotionally impacted by a loved one’s suicidal experiences. In the interest of inclusivity, we currently do not define further “suicidal experiences”. 

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Re-Energize & Re-Connect Wellness Check Workshop Series


Re-Energize & Re-Connect is a Peer-to-Peer Emotional Wellness Check Workshop Series for Suicide Attempt & Suicide Loss Survivors further along the path of healing. This 5-month workshop series will occur monthly in 2021 for 90 min. - 2 hours / session.


Please note – these workshops are not “counseling” or “clinical therapy” and not appropriate for someone still in crisis. The Re-Energize & Re-Connect is peer to peer, suicide attempt survivors and suicide loss survivors together to benefit from learning from each other’s lived experiences while walking through some emotional wellness exercises. The goal is to offer a safe haven for participants to re-energize and re-charge their internal psychological, emotional, and spiritual "batteries" and then re-connect with living life fully: to celebrate life, recovery and wellness.


Adapted by the American Association of Suicidology’s Impacted Family & Friends Committee.

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