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Thunder bellowed from his thumping heart, tears rained onto the windowsill from her eyes. Curtains flapped in the wind of their mistakes, one was heading west and the other traveling east. "This is the last time..." ...what do you mean you're leaving?" A narcissistic personality who think he's God, married a saint who would sacrifice her life for anyone. Anger embezzles innocence of this stranger before her, an alcoholic who cannot cope with human contact. "All you are doing is poisoning yourself with addiction," glossy eyes convert into gray clouds of shame and hatred. Perfectly imperfect words slur from drunken ramblings, "I'm sorry baby, I never mean to hurt you like I do." A sigh tumbles from her trembling chapped lips, This is just another spiel that she has heard many times before. Suitcases are already packed in preparation of this event, goodbyes have been sung often with returned hellos. This time, she'll quench her thirst for independence, as he stews in the loneliness of his own creation. Walking away from corruption must feel cathartic for a soul, Luggage is dragged across the hardwood flooring. Doorknobs twist to the right side one last time, and the sun shines through for the first time in years.

- Violet Raven is the pen name of a 31 year old LGBTQ poet who has been writing poetry for 16 years. They live on disability for mental health issues and have published two times in the torrid literature journal, Maryland Bards poetry review 2020 and self published an ebook called 'seasons of change' through Amazon.

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